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Let's get personal with Chean

Cherrie Ann Domingo y Dalagan Bautista was born on the 29th day of November, year 1985 at 5:20 AM, a natural born Filipino citizen and a Roman Catholic. Her parents are Isagani R. Domingo and Cristina D. Bautista and she got two younger siblings, Leo Carlo and Gian Cris.

Chean is just a simple 26 year old techie girl who finds happpiness in exploring the world of Information Technology. She is a frustrated photographer, graphic designer & writer, a nature lover, a hopeless romantic, and a certified book and sudoku addict. This geek also loves playing Dance Maniax, Dance Revo, and other games at Timezone, like to do biking, sketching, cross-stitching & scrapbooking, and play badminton during her free time. When she is with her orgs, Chean likes organizing and managing events, seminars and conferences. Lastly, she just love singing, cute dogs, Japanese Animé, color blue, ice skating, and the violin! ^_~

 Chean in the world of Information Technology

Chean has always wished to become a medicine doctor, specifically a cardiologist but Information Technology has made its way to her heart and she has been in love with computers ever since. This computer geek has been fond of computer networks and she passed the CCNA certification exam way back in college. After graduating from MapĂșa Institute of Technology with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology specialized in Database Management Systems, she took the Oracle 9i Database Administration Track Course at Phoenix-One (formerly known as NIIT) for a year while she had her first job at the oldest investment house in the Philippines wherein she has been a Jr. Systems Analyst/Programmer for 2.5 years. Later on, she became a Project Specialist at a premiere turnkey ICT solutions company, worked as one of the PHP developers for Octal Technical Solutions, LLC, functioned as a DBA Consultant at ideyaTech, and has been an Education Consultant for Oracle University. She also served as Technical Consultant for an Oracle Certified Partner, a part-time instructor for Informatics Makati, and a freelance web designer/developer. Currently, she works as a Software Engineer for Accenture Inc.

 Chean and the IT community

This soft-hearted techie girl has always been passionate with her organizations. They are her second family. It was late 2005 when she started attending the Phil. SQL Server Users Group (PHISSUG) meetings. Later, she was assigned interim secretary from 2006 to 2007 and was nominated for Vice President during the last election. Now, she is the acting secretary/treasurer of PHISSUG. Then, it was early 2007 when she found herself visiting PHPUGPH. Currently, she is the President of PHP User Group Philippines, Inc. (PHPUGPH) and also one of the incorporators. Chean has been one of the events organizers of PHPUGPH for the PHP Everywhere! Conference 2007 and other seminars conducted by the group and she has been the group coordinator for joint events with other FOSS organizations. Lately, she has joined Computer Professionals' Union and she became one of the volunteers working for FOSS interoperability with Microsoft technologies via partnership and joint projects with PHPUGPH.

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